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Grilling Mistakes You Should Never Make

By Anna Hartley, 06/27/2016
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Summer time means it's time to grill out! Make sure your BBQ's are the absolute best they can be, by avoiding these top grilling mistakes. 

Dirty Grilling

Hold it right there! Before we even begin to talk about meat, we need to get your grill into tip-top condition. One of the easiest ways to mess up a barbecue is to cook with a dirty grill. Congealed fat, ash and dust quickly build up on a dirty grill, and none of them sound very good to eat, do they? The best way to maintain a clean grill is to clean it when you are finished cooking, and it has cooled down a little. Oils will come away much easier at this point. Some things that are great for grills are wire brushes, newspapers and even half a raw onion. 

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