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Easy vegan recipes - 15 recipes

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How to remove almond skins in 5 easy steps

If you can get your hands on them, fresh almonds are delicious. That said, they can be quite tricky to peel. In this video we show you how to remove almond skins in just 5 easy steps!

Top rated Easy vegan recipes

The Best Chocolate Bark, That is Vegan...Ever

The Best Chocolate Bark, That is Vegan...Ever Recipewe ♡

By ladylovescoffee, Nutrition In A Pinch

Smooth chocolate that is good for you and the planet! Add all the dried fruit and nuts that you want! Indulge!

4.3/5 (80 Votes)

Fresh Fruit Popsicles

Fresh Fruit Popsicles

By sarahsinagel

Combine fruit in a mixing bowl and arrange the mixture into eight 3-ounce popsicle molds

4.5/5 (50 Votes)

Coconut Milk Hot Cocoa

Coconut Milk Hot Cocoa Recipewe ♡

By deebs

This is a healthy alternative to a holiday favorite

5/5 (1 Votes)

Korean Pancakes

Korean Pancakes


I had Korean pancakes several times while living in South Korea

4.2/5 (46 Votes)

Healthy Granola Bar

Healthy Granola Bar Recipewe ♡

By Gourmandize Gluten- Free Guru, Healthy Eating And Living

Healthy Granola Bar. Discover our recipe

4.2/5 (26 Votes)


Guacamole Recipewe ♡

By MPozzobon

Guacamole. Discover our recipe

4.1/5 (27 Votes)




Combine all ingredients in a sauce pan and boil until desired consistency

4.2/5 (24 Votes)

Home made peanut sauce

Home made peanut sauce

By Sameera

Combine all ingredients together , till smooth paste-like and enjoy this dipping

4.1/5 (17 Votes)




This is an excellent gravy for thanksgiving that is easy to make

4.1/5 (7 Votes)

Marinated Kale Salad

Marinated Kale Salad

By Leah&Matt

Healthy and savory side dish you can't resist!

4/5 (4 Votes)

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Lavender Peach Jam The Best Chocolate Bark, That is Vegan...Ever