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Fried recipes - 159 recipes

Let’s be honest, everything tastes better when it’s fried. Whether you are looking for simple fried vegetables like okra for appetizers, eggplant for eggplant parmesan or zucchini for veggie fries, we have an assortment of fried recipes. Pan fried or deep fried, the oil you use can add great flavor to your dish. Whether you choose olive, sesame, coconut or peanut oil, get your pans and deep fryers ready and explore our delicious fried recipes.

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The best no-mess way to fill a piping bag

If you love baking then you probably find yourself using a piping bag quite often. In this video we show you the easiest way to fill a piping bag, without all the mess! 

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By nkgedrich, A Pinch of German

Rate this recipe 4.5/5 (920 Votes)
Spiced Apple and Marscapone Ravioli 7 Pictures

Level of difficulty Average
Preparation time 30
Cooking time 15
Cost Average budget

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Spiced Apple and Marscapone Ravioli

Top rated Fried recipes

Drop Donuts

Drop Donuts YUM!Food Porn

By daleloida

Drop Donuts. Discover our recipe

4.1/5 (349 Votes)

Authentic Domplines (Puerto Rican Fried Dough)

Authentic Domplines (Puerto Rican Fried Dough)

By jimmysmommy

These Puerto Rican Domplines are absolutely delicious! A nice twist on other forms of dumplings, they make a perfec...

3.8/5 (306 Votes)

Savories- Polony & Cheese Samoosas

Savories-  Polony & Cheese Samoosas

By Popkrispy

Savories- Polony & Cheese Samoosas

4.9/5 (164 Votes)

Garlic and Parsley Domplines

Garlic and Parsley Domplines YUM!Food Porn

By Hayfever

Garlic and Parsley Domplines

4.4/5 (170 Votes)

Puerto Rican Domplines

Puerto Rican Domplines

By Receitas sem Fronteiras, Receitas sem Fronteiras

Domplines: Puerto Rican Fried Dough

4.2/5 (165 Votes)


Domplines YUM!Food Porn

By Gitanjali Roche

Puerto Rican fried dough domplines

4.4/5 (152 Votes)

House Special; Beignets

House Special; Beignets YUM!Food Porn

By Jasminv128

House Special; Beignets. Discover our recipe

4.4/5 (136 Votes)

Authentic Puerto Rican Domplines

Authentic Puerto Rican Domplines Recipewe ♡

By Gitanjali Roche

Authentic Puerto Rican Domplines

4/5 (165 Votes)

Breadsticks with Parsley Pesto Recipe

Breadsticks with Parsley Pesto Recipe

By StephanieMc

Breadsticks with Parsley Pesto

3/5 (269 Votes)

Savories- Calzones

Savories- Calzones

By Popkrispy

Roll out dough into 2 round large discs

4.5/5 (53 Votes)

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Crab Rangoon Spiced Apple and Marscapone Ravioli