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The Humble Origins of the BLT and 9 Other Popular Sandwiches

The sandwich is a quintessential American food, and the varieties are endless. Here, we take a look at the origins of some of our country's most popular sammies. 

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The BLT is one of the best uncomplicated sandwiches out there. It showcases three simple ingredients that go together exceptionally well: Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato. These components are layered onto two toasted bread slices, and the sandwich may be served with or without mayonnaise (though it might be kind of on the dry side without). While the concept of a sandwich with multiple ingredients had been around for centuries, it is generally believed that the BLT came into being at a gradual pace in the 1900s, with no precise story to officialize its existence. There were recipes that incorporated these ingredients, with the club sandwich closely resembling it, but BLT's didn't become a fixture until after World War II. It is also unclear when exactly the term "BLT" was coined, but it caught on with the restaurant industry and has remained a popular, classic American sandwich ever since. 

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