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The Ultimate Guide to Fall Produce: What's in Season & How to Cook with It


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Earthy and sweet, beets are a root vegetable that can be consumed from root to its leafy stalk. Available in a range of colors, shapes and sizes, they are most commonly found in spherical form with a deep purplish-red hue. Suitable for consuming raw or cooked, they lend a natural sweetness to any dish. If you opt to eat them raw, you can cut them into thin slices or shred them for salads. Otherwise, you can boil, steam, or roast them and then use them in countless ways.

Cooking ideas: Roasted (with the skin on, then removed when cooked) and puréed or blended into soups; chopped or grated raw for salads; spiralized raw then boiled or sautéed to use in place of pasta noodles; roasted and blended into hummus; boiled and mashed into a spread; steamed and sliced, then garnished with fresh toppings; roasted, sliced and pickled; beet greens sautéed and added to pasta dishes or served on their own.

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