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Barbecue recipes - 77 recipes

Searching for new barbecue dishes? Whether you are using an indoor or outdoor grill we have a large selection of barbecue recipes for a delicious lunch or dinner!

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Chef Tips and Tricks

How to trim and tie a roast

In this video, we show you the best way to trim and tie a roast, all by yourself! You don't need the butcher or supermarket to do it for you when it's so easy to do it at home. 

Top rated Barbecue recipes

Chicken- Spicy Cajun BBQ

Chicken-  Spicy Cajun BBQ

By Popkrispy

Wash chicken and pat dry

4.3/5 (37 Votes)

Famous BBQ Chicken

Famous BBQ Chicken

By sexibaby2341

The original BBQ chicken recipe!

3.4/5 (106 Votes)

Hubby's Fave Drunken Chickens

Hubby's Fave Drunken Chickens

By rolonda

Tailgate dish

4.2/5 (21 Votes)

BBQ Meatloaf

BBQ Meatloaf

By keedyboo18

This meatloaf recipe was given from a friend and it is the best meatloaf in the world!

4.2/5 (17 Votes)

Bourbon Barrel Shrimp

Bourbon Barrel Shrimp

By Bourbon Barrel Foods, Bourbon Barrel Foods

Whisk together above ingredients (except butter), place in a food processor and blend together, add the softened bu...

4.1/5 (22 Votes)

tuscan grilled peaches

tuscan grilled peaches

By european cutie, European Cutie

easy summer tuscan grilled peaches!

3.7/5 (52 Votes)

North Carolina BBQ

North Carolina BBQ

By joesgilr15

A North Carolina family favorite!

4.4/5 (15 Votes)

Green BBQ Chicken

Green BBQ Chicken

By Fatima7

Marinate the chicken with ginger garlic, roasted and crushed cumin, salt, white pepper, green chillies, and cream

4.5/5 (2 Votes)

Balsamic Ribs

Balsamic Ribs

By rspiegel2009

Place all ingredients in a pressure cooker and cook for 25 minutes

4.3/5 (17 Votes)

Glande Sweetwood's BBQ Meatballs

Glande Sweetwood's BBQ Meatballs

By MeredithT

Tender and flavorful

4.3/5 (15 Votes)

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