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Mexican recipes - 214 recipes

Mexican food is very popular in the United States; so popular that it has even given way to Mexican-American fusion food called Tex-Mex. The key ingredients of Mexican cuisine are beans, corn and chili peppers, and popular dishes include tacos, burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas, mole and tamales. Tex-Mex food is a little different, and the most popular dishes are variations of Mexican food, such as fajitas, chili con carne or taco pie.

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How to de-seed and dice a tomato

Tomatoes are delicious and a great part of a healthy diet. With our video we teach you the easiest way to quickly de-seed and dice a tomato, so that it's ready in no time!

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By steven.mcmullen

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Tilapia Tacos 1 Picture

Level of difficulty Average
Cooking time 20
Cost Average budget

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Heat oil in a skillet and sauté onions until translucent

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The pizza crust is made from scratch with spices flavoring it

3.5/5 (149 Votes)

The southwestern tamale casserole you NEED in your life!

The southwestern tamale casserole you NEED in your life!

By jmsbrdly

Follow the step-by-step recipe to beefy, fluffy, spicy heaven!

4.3/5 (79 Votes)

Tortilla Pie

Tortilla Pie

By rapm155, Tasty Delights

Easy Tex Mex meal using leftovers for a fast delish meal that the kids will love

4.1/5 (90 Votes)

Paleo Taco Soup

Paleo Taco Soup Recipewe ♡

By whatigatherblog, What I Gather

If you're on the lookout for new, creative Paleo recipes, then you've come to the right place! This taco soup makes

4.6/5 (51 Votes)




This is a fresh chunky guacamole

4.6/5 (31 Votes)

Shredded Chicken Green Chile Enchiladas

Shredded Chicken Green Chile Enchiladas

By shellybz, Fun recipes with a healthy twist

A healthier alternative to the typical enchilada

4.6/5 (30 Votes)



By Rageasaurus

Delicious Mexican rice

4.5/5 (37 Votes)

Taco Pie

Taco Pie

By Lingonberrylane, Lydia Ln

I am a huge fan of Mexican food! I am usually way to lazy to make enchiladas so I have evolved my recipe to a layer...

4.2/5 (58 Votes)

Mom's Taco Chicken

Mom's Taco Chicken

By alexscharft

Cut up chicken into strips

4.4/5 (37 Votes)

Taco Pie!!!

Taco Pie!!!

By Annie13

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

4.3/5 (44 Votes)

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