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Fueledbyvegetables's interview

Interview by Gitanjali Interview by Gitanjali

We interviewed fueledbyvegetables!

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Hello fueledbyvegetables, so tell us...

When did you begin your blog, and what inspired you to start it?

I started this particular blog in September 2012... but I have been passionately chronicling my adventures in the kitchen for about five years. I started this FBV because I needed to find a healthy balance (nutritionally and financially) between a herbivorous and omnivorous diet. My boyfriend, Nick, is a "meat-and-potatoes" kind of guy and I am a strict vegetarian of seven years. The weird thing about me is, I LOVE cooking with meat, I just don't like eating it.

Are you involved in the blogging community - how do you attract new readers?

I am very involved in the blogging community. I run an online dental education publication during the day, and at night I am a freelance health/nutrition/yoga writer for various wellness publications. As a blogger, I know how exciting it is to have someone connect with our through your writing, so I try to be supportive of other food blogs as well!

What's it like being a vegetarian living with a carnivore?

I would be lying if I said I wasn't worried about our eating habits clashing at first... but it honestly hasn't been an issue at all during our relationship. Nick is a good sport and will pretty much eat anything - but he definitely prefers his beef burgers over my quinoa patties!

If you could be a contestant or guest on any cooking show what show would you choose?

Chopped... although, I don't think I would do very well!

What is your earliest food memory?

My mom's eggplant parmesan. So good! Definitely one of my favorite dishes!

Do you have a secret ingredient, a product you use a lot that is unexpected or that helps you save time?

My julienne peeler is my best friend in the kitchen. I never thought I would be so fond of a $10 kitchen gadget, but that tool has helped me create some pretty amazing dishes. One of my favorite things to make is zucchini pasta; this tool helps you create zucchini noodles in no time!

Is there any dish, ingredient or type of food you refuse to cook? Or anything that you refuse to eat?

Other than meat, I am pretty open to trying new things. I can't stand black licorice though.

What are your goals for your blog? Where would you like to see it in the next year? Five years?

My goal for my blog is to inspire others to adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle - whether they are a vegetarian, meat-eating, a yogi, a runner - whatever! There have been followers tha thave left comments saying that some of recipes helped them change their health for the better; the fact that anyone has said that puts a smile on my face. In five years, it would be nice to be compared to sites like MindBodyGreen, but I am happy with the success it has received so far. ;)

My worst food flop was...

I tried making falafel once. Ultimate fail! It's too bad because falafel is one of my favorite things to eat... I guess I will just have to stick with my favorite Greek restaurant!

Thank you fueledbyvegetables for answering our questions and see you soon!
Published by Gitanjali - 10/17/2014

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