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Riceandbread1's interview

Interview by Lydia Interview by Lydia

We interviewed Riceandbread1!

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"We wanted to do something together as a couple. Our common ground is FOOD of course!"

Hello Riceandbread1, so tell us...

When did you begin your blog, and what inspired you to start it?

We started the blog early February this year as a Husband and Wife project. We wanted to do something together as a couple. Our common ground is FOOD of course! That was actually how we met too, the Wife offered to take a friend and the Husband out on a food tour in Singapore.

How has it been working on this blog together as a husband a wife team? Do you do everything together or takes turns cooking, photographing and writing?

We share the "workload". The cooking part is usually spontaneous. It depends on what we feel like eating that day or if someone has a brilliant idea. We are still experimenting with the photo style and since both of us have different style we usually take a few and select the best out of the bunch. The Wife does most of the writing for now because the Husband is busy with work.

Who are your culinary influences?

Well there isn't anyone in particular. We do however get inspirations from watching youtube videos like SortedFoods and Foodtube ( by Jamie Oliver). Occasionally we stumble upon awesome recipes too.

How has your Singapore and German backgrounds influenced each others cooking?

We eat a lot more meat than the Wife usually consumes at home and the Husband cooks more asian food than German food now.

What is your earliest food memory?

The Wife: It has to be wonton noodle. I had that for lunch almost everyday after school.
The Husband: My mum's cheesecake will always be something I will remember. For a very long time that was the only cake I ate...

Do you have a secret ingredient, a product you use a lot that is unexpected?

Freshly ground coloured pepper and cumin.

Is there any dish, ingredient or type of food you refuse to cook?

Not really! We are always experimenting and trying new things. The only thing the Husband refuses to cook is mushroom but you will still see it in our blog because when the Husband is not around the Wife will make it for herself.

When you have a last minute get together, what are your go to dishes?

We have plenty of that! Anything made in the slow cooker. Nothing can really go wrong with that. From rosemary chicken to five spice beef stew. Simply throw everything in the slow cooker earlier in the day and wait for your guest to arrive. As for dessert, its has to be cheesecake! Who does not love a good cheesecake?

What are your goals for your blog? Where would you like to see it in the next year? Five years?

A friend of ours said she felt very inspired to cook after looking at our blog. That is what we would like to achieve and to influence people in their attitude towards food. Our goals are also to have 1000 visitors a day and be established in the food scene.

Anything else you would like to share?

We feel that food communities are a great way to share ideas and reach out to other food bloggers! We also love to get feedback on what to cook! Write us on our Facebook page or Twitter. Tell us what you think!

Thank you Riceandbread1 for answering our questions and see you soon!
Published by Lydia - 09/01/2013

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