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7 Frying Mistakes Everyone Makes


Who doesn't love fried food? It's comforting, tasty and easy to make. But only if you do it right! Here are 7 mistakes to avoid if you can help it!

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Overcrowding the Pot

When placing food in a pot for deep frying, the oil temperature will drop temporarily. To keep it as stable as possible, don't fry too many pieces at once. There should be a bit of space between each one. And as a general rule, you should be using at least 1 liter of oil. This is because you want to have enough to cover the food and also prevent the oil from getting too hot—the smaller the quantity, the faster it'll heat up and potentially overheat. This could lead to burning the exterior of the food you're frying without cooking the inside all the way through.

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Run out of chips for the party ? Fry some pasta! Guaranteed success!


Cook bow-tie pasta for 8 minutes. Combine grated Parmesan with garlic, and Italian and curry spices.
Fry the pasta for two minutes on each side and mix into the cheese and spice combination.

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