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TEST: How EVOLVED are you?


One thing can reveal whether you are among the 13-15% of the population who have developed just a tiny bit further than the rest of us... and it only takes a second to discover...


Lay your arm flat, palm facing up and pinch together your thumb and little finger. Now raise your hand, tilting it towards you.  If you see a tendon sticking up in your forearm, you are the proud owner of the palamaris longus muscle. 


TEST: How EVOLVED are you?


 This muscle evolved to help our ancestors climb through the trees, but its's long since been totally unnecessary. Having it doesn't mean you have better grip or dexterity, and not having it doesn't give you any advantages.

The presence of this muscle among the majority of the population is just another example of an evolutionary "leftover" like goosebumps (making our hair stick out so we looked larger and more frightening), muscles attached to our outer ear (our ancestors could rotate their ears to locate sound like a dog does), nipples on men (you can figure that one out) and the appendix. 


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What about you, do you have this muscle?

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