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Struggling To Separate Eggs? Use A Plastic Bottle


Does your recipe call for egg whites? It can be such a pain to separate them. Too often, we accidentally leave behind shell fragments or end up breaking the yolk. But with this magical cooking tip, separating eggs becomes painless and mess-free.

there's A Better Way To Separate Eggs

there's A Better Way To Separate Eggs

You may already be used to separating eggs by simply using your hand, or by transferring the yolk between two halves of the shell. You might have also used tools such as a slotted spoon or an egg separator. It's true that there are many ways to separate eggs, but none like this technique!

First, you have to find an empty plastic bottle (just make sure you clean it out first!). Crack an egg into a bowl. Then gently squeeze the bottle and hold it over the yolk. The bottle will suck up the yolk, leaving the egg white in the bowl.

You can transfer the yolk to a separate bowl and repeat with as many eggs as your recipe requires. This technique is especially useful when you have to separate a large number of eggs, as it cuts down the prep time you have to do significantly!

Watch this video to see the plastic bottle trick in action:

Do you know an even better way to separate the whites from the yolks? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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