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Trick yourself and take the weight off SIMPLY

We've known it for a long time: losing weight is a matter of the head. This article is not about vague motivation, but about psychological facts that have been proven in studies and make it much easier for you to lose weight. So read on:


If you feel the need to go deep into the bag, just imagine in your mind's eye a big red button with the words "STOP" written in bold letters. Then wait for ten minutes and think about why you're eating. Are you really hungry or just bored? Are you frustrated and therefore feel like eating? If you're really hungry, grab a bag of fresh almonds instead of chips and eat them. They satisfy hunger, are healthy and taste great.

2) REPLACE Your craving With A HealTHY alternative

You feel like potato chips? Then eat homemade sweet potato chips instead. You would like to spoon into a large cup of ice cream? Then make a nice cream instead. After a while, your taste buds and your brain will regain their balance and cause the same happy hormones in the healthy alternatives as in the junk food variants.


If you have a crush on chocolate cake and are wanting to go for it, imagine eating it first. BUT imagine you're swimming in it, gulping in great amounts.

Why? Because a 2010 study found that people who previously imagined eating around 30 M & Ms were much less likely to actually eat these colorful delicacies. The control groups who imagined nothing or imagine a significantly smaller amount ate more in the end.


Do you still remember those little bags in which you used to happily eat your lunch from? If you fancy some snacking, you should take an example from this childhood memory. Pack your snacks into small bags, so you control your portions and still have the satisfying feeling of having eaten everything.

5) Eat contrasts

Cornell University has found that the color of your plate plays a big role in your hunger. If there is contrast on your plate and food, you perceive the potion to be much larger than without the color contrast. You'll feel satisfied faster.

6) Smell your food

In a study published in the "Flavor" journal, it was found that food that smells intensely is much less eaten than odorless food. Above all the smell of bananas, vanilla and peppermint should inhibit the appetite.

7) Eat from smaller plates

Not only the color of your plates affects your appetite but also the size! The bigger the plate, the bigger your portions automatically become. If you eat from a smaller plate, you automatically have the feeling of being full faster.

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