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Nicole Neverman's interview

Interview by Lydia Interview by Lydia

We interviewed Nicole Neverman!

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"I ... really like it when people give me challenges for things they would like to see on my blog... That way I get a bit of a challenge and I also know that the ideas I am posting are what people want to see!"

Hello Nicole Neverman, so tell us...

When did you begin your blog, and what inspired you to start it?

I started my blog in September 2013. I had been considering the idea of food blogging for a while but had just never put the plan into action. I absolutely love to cook and bake for friends and so I held a dinner party for my friends. They all thought the food was great and this gave me the confidence to start a blog.

Are you involved in the blogging community - how do you attract new readers?

As I haven't been blogging for too long I am still getting into this side of things. I follow all of the blogging community groups that I know of on twitter. So far most of my readers (Especially via Facebook) are friends and family but my reader base seems to be slowly expanding. Twitter has been a great tool for this. Hopefully this interview will help attract new readers too!

Who are your culinary influences?

I absolutely love Jamie Oliver! I love his use of fresh, in season ingredients. Also, Chelsea Winter from here in New Zealand is a great influence.

How has New Zealand influenced your cooking? What are some dishes you cook that are typical of your home country?

Typical New Zealand cooking is generally quite basic. It usually involves lots of roast meats and vegetables. We are also big fans of BBQs! So I guess any sort of meat dish is quite "New Zealand".

Fruit and vegetables can get very expensive here so it is important to cook in season. This time of the year is great as we are coming into summer so at the moment we have all the beautiful fresh fruits coming in.

What is your earliest food memory?

This seems really silly, but my earliest food memory is from daycare, so I must have been about 3 years old. We were sitting at the table eating and I had decided to eat a carrot. I got about half way through (I remember it being a pretty big carrot!) and didn't want any anymore but I wasn't allowed to go and play until I was finished and it just took forever to eat.

Around the same time (also at daycare) I remember my Mum picking me up one day and saying that we could go to the bakery and get a meat pie for lunch.

I don't actually remember anything else about daycare so obviously I have had food on my mind from a young age!

Is it difficult balancing your post graduate education and your blog?

It can be at times but I actually find creating new recipes to blog (if they work!) a good stress relief from the lab. So far I haven't had any major issues with balancing the two so hopefully that will continue.

Is there any dish, ingredient or type of food you refuse to cook?

I have a huge dislike of green beans, so don't expect to see them popping up in anything. Other than that, I would try just about anything.

When you have a last minute get together, what are your go to dishes?

I would most likely throw together some sort of pasta dish or homemade pizza, they are always crowd pleasers! Everyone always loves my lamb and feta meatballs! And of course, having such a sweet tooth, dessert would have to be in there too. I really love to make cheesecakes but they are a bit difficult to throw together last minute, so I would probably opt for an ambrosia (going back to the NZ food question, this is a very "kiwi" dessert!) or something simple like that.

What are your goals for your blog? Where would you like to see it in the next year? Five years?

I would just like my blog to continue as it is going now. I am having so much fun doing it, and it is so lovely having people tell me how much they enjoy reading my posts. Of course it would be awesome to have more followers too!

I also really like it when people give me challenges for things they would like to see on my blog. I would like to do more of that in the future too. That way I get a bit of a challenge and I also know that the ideas I am posting are what people want to see!

One of the major things I would like to work on is my food photography skills. I have never been much of a photographer so I am still getting there with that aspect of blogging but I am sure I will improve over time.

Anything else you would like to share?

I would just like to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to appear on your website =)

Thank you Nicole Neverman for answering our questions and see you soon!
Published by Lydia - 11/03/2013

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