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The Crispy Guide to Homemade KFC Chicken


Have you tried this incredible homemade version of KFC chicken?

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KFC chicken

According to YouGovAmerica, Kentucky Fried Chicken ranks 11th among American dining brands in terms of popularity and is the most popular fast food brand in the world. Its signature pressure-fried chicken seasoned with the Colonel's special blend of herbs and spices has been KFC's claim to fame for 70 years, and it still lives up to the hype. While the brand claims the original chicken seasoning blend remains a strongly guarded trade secret, there was a rumored leak of the recipe in 2016 by the Colonel's nephew, who later retracted its veracity. Whether or not it truly is the real recipe remains to be known, but why not try it at home and judge for yourself? Check out this foolproof copycat recipe.

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