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Matcha: The Trendy Drink Set to Replace Coffee


Most of us are stuck in a haze of brain fog before we drink our first coffee. The nutty smell gets the day rolling, and once we've had our first cup, we're buzzed. But from digestive issues to anxiety, we pay the price. Coffee isn't always fab for our bodies or our brains, and that's why people have started looking for a healthier alternative.

This Japanese super tea might just be the answer.

What is Matcha?

What is Matcha?

It may look intriguing, and that's because it is!

Matcha is a green tea powder made from dry tea leaves. It's been popular in its native Japan and other East Asian countries for centuries, and has been praised for its beneficial properties.

Those who consume matcha report improvement in hearth health and weight reduction. The powdery substance is also packed with a heap of antioxidants that are said to help prevent cell damage and lower the risk of many chronic diseases. 

The wonder drink has been trend floating since 2015, when Gwyneth Paltrow Instagrammed a matcha latte. Since then, it's gradually gained popularity and the green tea powder is now set to gain a market revenue of $5.5 billion by 2027. So, maybe it really is wondrous!

To make a cup, most people whisk matcha powder into water or milk. It's best mixed with warm liquid, so that the powder can become completely dissolved. Its delicate flavor isn't too strong or overwhelming in the morning, so it really is the perfect wake-me-up drink. 

How Does it Beat a Cup of Coffee?

How Does it Beat a Cup of Coffee?

It's the best drink to pair with your pastry in the morning (so a great coffee replacement!).

In fact, some experts say the perfect hour is 8am as this is the time your body's digestive system starts to metabolizes nutrients. The tea will help flush out any toxins, which will make you feel healthier and lighter for the day ahead.

Coffee on the other hand may stimulate the production of stomach acid in the morning, which in turn can cause bloating and nausea. The caffeine content in coffee also makes it a diuretic, meaning it removes water from the body. So, although coffee gives you that initial boost in the morning, it'll leave you feeling tired and foggy-brained overall as you'll be dehydrated. Not an ideal start to the day!

However, the caffeine content in matcha is a lot more stable. Per serving, matcha offers 50-60mg of the stuff while most coffee is packed with between 100-200mg! This means matcha provides the body with a gradual intake of caffeine, susequently leaving you feeling more alert for a longer period. Because of the gradual caffeine intake, matcha won't give you those anxiety jitters either!

If we've convinced you, why not start your day with a steaming cup of matcha green tea? Read on to discover our fave way of preparing the antioxidant-packed drink at home.

How to Make Matcha Green Tea

How to Make Matcha Green Tea

Matcha has a naturally sweet nutty taste, with grassy notes, a touch of bitterness, and a slighty savory ending. In Japan, the specific taste is known as umami (meaning "pleasant savory taste") and foods such as kimchi and miso contain the same flavor. 

If you want to sweeten your tea, add a few drops of honey.

Ingredients (for 1 serving):

  • 1/4 tsp matcha powder
  • 2 oz. hot water
  • 6 oz. additional hot water or streamed milk of choice (including non-dairy if preferred)
  • Honey (to sweeten, optional)


  1. Sift the matcha powder into a mug to get rid of any lumps.
  2. Pour in the 2 oz. hot water. Using a whisk, whisk briskly until the matcha powder is fully dispersed. There should be a foam layer ontop of the water/powder mix.
  3. Add the remaining 6 oz. water or steamed milk and whisk again until even foamer. 
  4. Taste. Sweeten with honey if necessary.
  5. Enjoy! 

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