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Revamp Your Instant Ramen With This Key Ingredient


Instant Ramen noodles are easy to prepare and budget-friendly. But did you know that you can transform their flavor by adding just one teaspoon of this key ingredient (that is likely already in your pantry)?

© Silvia Santucci


Ramen noodles are a classically foolproof dish—so easy to prepare and of course, they're ridiculously cheap! Traditionally, they're cooked in boiling water and combined with a seasoning packet that's included in the package (hello, sodium). You can then either eat the noodles in the broth or strain them like regular pasta.

In all honesty, they're not bad served plain with some butter or spices, but we've discovered that with a single spoonful of this common ingredient, they become more than just a quick, cheap fix!

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1/5 cup of dark rum

1/5 cup of coconut milk

2/5 cup of pineapple juice

a few mint leaves


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