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10 of the Healthiest Foods You Should Be Buying in Bulk


While canned or store-bought staples are certainly convenient, some foods are worth buying in bulk—not only because it can be more economical but also because they're often healthier and less processed. Here are 10 shelf-stable foods to add to your bulk shopping list.

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Frozen berries

While juicy and flavorful, fresh berries also come with a high price tag. This is because of their demanding conditions for cultivation, the manual labor associated with hand-picking them (machine harvesting often yields more damaged or bruised berries), and the energy requirements to keep them fresh from the moment they've been harvested.

On the other hand, frozen berries are frozen at the peak of ripeness and are just as nutrient-dense as fresh berries. Even better, frozen berries are cheaper and available in larger quantities, so you can stock up and enjoy them year-round.

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