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Store Your Frying Oil Like This, and You Can Reuse It Over and Over Again


Did you know you could reuse frying oil, several times even? Here's how!

How to reuse frying oil

How to reuse frying oil

One of the hardest things to do at the end of a delicious homemade fried meal is to throw away all that oil... It's expensive, troublesome, and just downright wasteful. But did you know that you can actually minimize that waste by reusing it?

That's right: frying oil can be reused more than once, many times even! The key is in treating and storing it properly.

First, let the used oil cool down completely. You really don't want to end up burning yourself with hot oil – trust us!

Then filter it through a cheesecloth or a coffee filter to get rid of any food particles left from the food you just fried. This is extremely important, as those particles could contaminate your next meal – although keep in mind that the oil could still retain some flavor of the last food it's come in contact with, so it's best to separate used oil based on food tastes. (For example, keep the oil you used for fried shrimp separate from the oil you used for that batch of homemade donuts.)

Once your oil is cooled and strained, store it in a clean glass jar that seals well and keep it in a cool, dark place for best results (the latter applies to fresh oil, too). If the oil isn't well strained or sealed, bacteria could grow and feed on leftover food bits, so take care in each step to help preserve the longevity of the oil.

How many times can you reuse it? There's no precise number, but generally you can get several uses out of a batch. As soon as you notice it seeming a bit cloudy, foamy, or changing color, it's definitely time to go. It should also never smell bad or "off", so look out for that as a sign to throw it out.

That's all it takes! Now you'll never have to waste batches of once-used frying oil again.


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