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12 Rude Restaurant Behaviors that Need to Stop


Service industry staff shared some of their pet peeves on reddit, spilling the beans on what things restaurant patrons do that annoy them the most... 

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Seating yourselves

Being impatient and looking for a table before being seated by staff is a big no-no: "The restaurant I used to work at had a big 'please wait to be seated' sign, yet some people would still seat themselves then get upset when they got no service." Pretty much all restaurants have a set floor plan in place and most likely follow  a server rotation. This is to ensure their employees all get a fair chance at tables and prevent any one server from being "double seated", ie. getting two tables at once. When this happens, one table is inevitably going to wait longer to be greeted, and it makes juggling the timing between tables more complicated. If there's a "Please wait to be seated sign," please do as it says.

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