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Here's Why You Should Put Your Toilet Paper in the Refrigerator


This viral kitchen trend will save you time - and eliminate any bad stinks!

The Trick that Really Does Work

The Trick that Really Does Work

We've all heard myths and tales of home remedies and tricks that are supposed to solve the most stubborn of household problems. Although some are wackier than others, there are some that really do work.

This cheap and easy practice will help keep your refrigerator and freezer in optimal condition, avoiding frost build up, gunk development, and any bad stinks!

It's actually really simple, and here's how it works ...

Making the Magic Happen!

Making the Magic Happen!

It's really that easy. All you need to do is store a roll of toilet paper (it doesn't even have to be an entire roll) on one of the shelves inside the refrigerator.

And what will that do? Well, due to toilet paper's consistency and porosity, it's perfect for absorbing the residues and liquids that form in the refrigerator.

The shelf life of food is largely determined by the cleanliness of a refrigerator. If you've noticed fruits, veggies, and cheeses last longer when you've deep cleaned your refrigerator, it's because it's no longer a breeding ground for bacteria.

Any sneaky puddles in the draws, or lingering expired food will create a bad whiff too

By maintaining a dry environment, any sneaky puddles or food moisture will be caught in time before bad whiffs start to develop. An extra tip would be to spray the roll with a little white vinegar as it enhances the deodorizing effect.

What's the Science Behind It?

What's the Science Behind It?

If you're wondering if the above method can be applied to the freezer too, you're in luck! The toilet paper absorbs the moisture in the same way it does in the refrigerator, and prevents the formation of hard ice and the over development of water crystals. 

If you see that the toilet paper is a little crinkly, then you can replace it! If you're out of toilet paper, the trick also works with paper towels. Go work that magic!

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