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PRO TIP: How To Tell When Your Oil Is Hot Enough To Start Frying


Don't sabotage your fried food perfection by dropping the food into the pot too soon! Here's a simple little trick to knowing when the oil is ready.

Making excellent fried food at home isn't really as difficult as it might seem, but even the frying masters among us tend to have one particular problem every time:

How can we tell when our bubbling oil is really hot enough to start?

If you judge wrong and drop your food in too early, it could mess up the frying process of your food and end in a less-than-satisfying result. But we've found a clever trick that will erase all doubt from your mind!

All you need is a wooden spoon.

The key is in how the oil reacts to the wood. Take your wooden spoon or skewer and simply poke it into the oil. If nothing happens, it's not ready. But if you see little bubbles start to form around the spoon, that means it's hot enough for your food to go in.

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