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Which Historical Foods Do We Still Eat Today?


Believe it or not, there are many recipes that have been passed down from family to family for thousands of years, and that we still enjoy today! Let's take a look at the dishes that unite us with our ancestors.

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One of the oldest barley-based dishes is barley soup, and is made from barley that has been boiled in either water or broth and mixed with vegetables, meats, and/or spices. This soup was apparently consumed 4,000 years ago ancient Mesopotamia, a region in modern day Iraq. 

Barley was a common crop within the region, and was widely used within the diet of those who were living there as it was deemed nutritious and filling. Today, we still consider it a healthy food due to its rich vitamin and mineral content. It's a great alternative to white rice, and can be used in baked goods, stews, and salads.

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