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Drink Your Way to a Flat Stomach in Just 10 Days


Did  you know that drinking water could get you a flat tummy? Here's the secret to trimming down in just 10 days.

Water for a Flatter Stomach - But How?

Water for a Flatter Stomach - But How?

A recent study from Virginia Tech shows that increased water consumption can help you lose weight! According to lead author of the study Brenda Davy, Ph.D., adding water to a weight-loss diet may lead to better results.  In the experiment, two experimental groups were placed on low-calorie diets. One group were prescribed the diet alone, while the other drank 16 oz of water before each meal. In the end, the second group lost on average 15.5 lbs compared to the first group's 11 lbs.

Water is life. Adequate hydration means that important nutrients can travel to cells through out the body. Water also helps flush toxins out of our bloodstream. Not only is it vital to our metabolism and our survival, but the study shows that water plays an important role in helping us manage our weight!

Water keeps you full. If you drink two glasses of water half an hour before each meal, you feel fuller faster and consume less calories. Water-rich foods can also help you feel full and keep your calorie intake low.

Water also prevents hunger pangs. It activates the release of the hormone Motilin, which is responsible for energy production. Without this activation, on the other hand, our body signals that there is a deficiency. This makes us crave sweet things like chocolate. Instead eating sugary, fatty foods,  you should opt for a glass of water to starve off the unhealthy cravings.

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