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The President, A Boy Scout, And A Pilot Are On A Plane...


Bet you didn't see this coming.


Today's Food Funnies

The President, the First Lady, a boy scout and a pilot are on a plane.

Suddenly, a bird gets stuck in one of the engines, causing it to burst into flames. The pilot tells the passengers that the plane will crash, but there are only 3 parachutes on the plane.

The president grabs one and says, "I am the most important man in the country! The people need me!" and quickly jumps out of the plane.

The first lady grabs another parachute and says, "How will the president be able to manage his children without his wife?" and jumps out of the plane as well.

Now, only the boy scout and the pilot are on the plane.

The pilot says, "You should go. You have more of your life ahead of you than I do. Go on and change the world."

The boy scout says, "We can both go, there are two parachutes left!"

"Huh? How is that possible? There were only 3 parachutes!"

"The president took my backpack."


Eh heheheh... Get it??


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