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This Is How to Reheat Pasta Perfectly and Evenly, Every Time


Have you ever microwaved leftover pasta, only for it to end up perfectly hot on the outside and ice cold still in the center? Here's an easy trick to avoid that problem!

Pasta makes for a delicious dinner, but you're very likely to end up with leftovers...and those can be a pain the next day.

Most of the time when we reheat pasta, we stick it in the microwave for a minute or two. This results in burn-your-mouth hot bites on the outside, but more than likely leaves you with an icy cold rock at the center.

So how can you warm your pasta back up evenly?

It's surprisingly simple: just place your leftovers on a plate and arrange them in the shape of a donut, leaving a hole at the center. Then pop it in the microwave as usual.

This will allow the heat to reach much more surface area and prevent that horrible ice blob at the middle.

So go ahead: double the portions so you can have a delicious lunch at work tomorrow. You never have to worry about ruining the leftovers again!

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