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This Australian Teen Lost 132 Pounds In Six Months


Incredibly, that's half her body weight.


Une publication partagée par nolongerfatjosie (@nolongerfatjosie) le

Australian teenager, Josephine Desgrand, was sick of being fat-shamed. So she decided to turn her life around, and in the process achieved something remarkable.

The 17-year-old student dropped 132 pounds "naturally" through strict diet and light exercise, and says she feels like a totally different person.

"Before losing weight I would constantly eat bread and wraps, ate huge portions and went back for seconds and thirds all the time. So I cut sugar completely, cut the carbs and bread and now I eat far smaller portions. Three meals a day with no processed foods," she told the Daily Mail.


Une publication partagée par nolongerfatjosie (@nolongerfatjosie) le

Her acheivement is incredible, and an inspiration to young people who are trying to adopt healthy lifestyles or slim down.

She has one tip for those who are looking to change their bodies: “Take before and after photos because that’s where you see your progress and it makes you want to keep going.”

You can learn more about her weight loss journey on her Instagram and YouTube channel.


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