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This Woman Got Rid of Chronic Headaches and Back Pain By Eliminating These Foods From Her Diet


This woman was shocked to discover the unexpected sources of her health problems, but now she's completely turned her life around. Here's how she did it!

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Sometimes the most harmless of foods turn out to be the source of your unexplained health problems.

That was the case for Kim Taylor, a mother of two from Austin Texas. She suffered from extreme recurring headaches or years, in addition to knee and back pain that just wouldn't go away.

When nothing else was working, she discovered through a friend a program called Personalize to Thrive, which introduces the idea of an elimination diet. This relatively new concept consists of eliminating a series of foods to determine which ones might be affecting your health.

Common foods to start with are dairy products, eggs, nuts, nightshade vegetables, gluten, soy, and corn. However, you can tailor the diet however you like depending on what you suspect could be causing trouble.

That's what Kim did, and her results were astounding.

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As early as just day 8 of the new regime, Kim says,  "I jumped out of bed around 5:45 a.m. and had more energy than I could remember having even in my twenties. I slept soundly all night and nothing in my body hurt."

Perhaps the biggest surprise was learning what foods were actually causing her pain. She admits that her sugar cravings at the beginning of the diet showed a surprising and unknown addiction to sugar, but that wasn't the main culprit of her medical concerns.

Instead, chicken and corn proved to be.

"It didn't matter whether the chicken was boneless, skinless, organic chicken or not, but every time I ate chicken I got a migraine," Kim says. "When I introduced a single corn tortilla, the very next day I gained over three pounds! I've tried corn in every manner since, and it now makes me physically ill if I accidentally ingest corn."

Her findings are proof that every body is different, and even seemingly innocuous foods can sometimes cause unexpected problems. Elimination diets are a way of experimenting with your food consumption and perhaps learning something new about how your individual body processes what you give it.

"Too many doctors are quick to prescribe medication to mask the pain," Kim says. "The pain is there to tell us something is wrong with our bodies."

What do you think? Could an elimination diet be the key to discovering your own food sensitivities? Let us know in the comments below!

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