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Should You Eat Chocolate While Pregnant?



This is what experts say about the consumption of chocolate at this important stage.

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When it comes to pregnancy, everybody has an opinion. Whether you are currently pregnant, hoping to fall pregnant, were pregnant 25 years ago or simply looked at a baby during your lunch break, you've probably been offered loads of unsolicited advice about everything from what to wear, what to do (or not) and what to eat. If you feel a bit lost in the sea of tips tricks and old wives tales, don't panic!

In this article, we're going straight to the facts. 

You may have heard that you shouldn't eat chocolate during pregnancy because it contains caffeine and can hurt your baby, or that it can complicate pregnancy. Others say there's nothing wrong with it. Who should you believe when you're dying of cravings for a rich dessert?

We have asked the experts for their opinion, and this is what they shared with us...

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