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Got Bad Breath? You Might Have One Of These Serious Medical Conditions.


Halitosis, also known as bad breath, is defined as a set of unpleasant odors that are emitted from the mouth. It's a problem that affects one in two people, and it might even be an indication of more serious ailments.


If your breath exudes a fruity odor, it may be a sign of ketoacidosis, which is an acute complication of diabetes. It occurs when ketones accumulate in your body, which gives a bad smell to your mouth. Ketones are the result of the use of fats as an energy source rather than sugar. Diabetics have little or no insulin to break down sugars in the body, which leads the body to convert them to fat.


In addition to regulating blood chemistry, body fluids and blood pressure, our kidneys remove organic waste from the blood. If they fail, our body will no longer be able to rid itself of harmful toxins. Eventually, this leads to an accumulation of waste, which is released through our respiratory system. It has been extensively researched, and it is known that those suffering from chronic kidney failure also suffer from having a breath that smells like urine (ammonia) or fish. 


Bad breath can also be a sign that you are not at your ideal weight. A high concentration of certain gases in respiration, such as methane, is related to higher percentages of body mass index and fat, compared to people with a normal mixture of gases. 


Oral health might have a lot to do with cardiac issues and more specifically, bad breath might be an early indicator of heart disease, in addition to bleeding gums. One bacteria, in particular, is often connected with periodontal (gum) disease. And researchers have found that those with periodontal disease are nearly twice as likely to have heart disease. 



If you're experiencing chronic bad breath, see a doctor about it just in case. Best-case scenario, it's simply related to what you're eating. Here are the foods you should avoid.

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