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HOME HACKS: Things You Never Knew Salt Could Do.


It's the most common kitchen ingredient in the world, and yet we often forget that in addition to seasoning our dishes, salt actually has a bevy of other very useful purposes.



Do you get frequent, unwelcome visits from ants in your house (usually in the kitchen)? Forget about resorting to expensive products or calling a specialist. Just place a little salt where you usually find them, and they'll know they're uninvited guests. For ants, walking on salt is like putting salt on an open wound. It's unpleasant and could make them turn the other way. The best place to put the salt is along walkways and walls and on countertops. Make sure the line is thick enough to deter them. 



An excessively humid environment inside the house can damage the furniture, quickly oxidize everything you own that's made of metal, generate wet spots or mold on the walls, which can even endanger your health. Fortunately, there's an easy solution: fill an open container with 1 kilogram of coarse salt  in the areas of your house with high humidity. The salt will absorb excess moisture in the air until it becomes blackened or extremely wet, which is when you'll know it's time to change it out for new salt. The wider the container, the better.



Silverware is one of those everyday household items that we use all the time, without really paying any special attention to it. Over the years, however, it begins to lose its original shiny luster. To completely remove stains and restore its shine, prepare a mixture of vinegar and salt and apply with the help of a small brush. Good as new!


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