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What to Order at the Oldest Diners Across America


If they've been around this long, they must be doing something right!

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Dumont Crystal, Since 1925 - Dumont, NJ

The Dumont Crystal, which may lay claim to being the oldest diner in New Jersey, is known for its friendly atmosphere. In fact, they often say that customers come for the great food, but stay for the bad jokes! The Bergen County eatery has been around since the mid-twenties, built in the boxcar style that was typical for the era. Competition is stiff  because NJ has the most diners per square mile in the United States, but the good old Dumont holds its own. Order the "Dumont Police" hero—known as a sub in other states—a hot roast beef sandwich with gravy, mushrooms, mozzarella, and onions on a bun. Other notable menu items include "Giants," a burger topped with mozzarella and marinara sauce, and the "Belly Buster" sandwich made with eggs, meat, cheese, and potatoes. No matter what you order you can't go wrong. 

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