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This is the Surprising Ingredient You Should Be Adding to Tomato Sauce


Yes, it sounds strange, but it totally works. 

The Secret Ingredient

The Secret Ingredient

Is your tomato sauce missing something? Hold on to your spoons, because this is going to blow your mind: add some peanut butter.

Yes, we're serious.

Peanut butter will round out the flavor and give the sauce a salty kick. Packed with nutrients, peanut butter will also add protein and healthy fats to your dish. 

Just add the peanut butter once you've sautéed the onion and garlic. Don't add too much, as it can overwhelm the other flavors in the sauce if you go overboard. Once it forms a paste, add the tomatoes and let it all simmer.

Serve it over spaghetti, on a pizza, or in a marinade. In fact, you can use it just like you use regular tomato sauce!

Why Peanut Butter Works

Why Peanut Butter Works

Although you might have a hard time wrapping your head around it at first, peanut butter and tomatoes go well together. The combination is popular in many African cuisines, like in the classic dish peanut soup. 

Because you're adding so little to your tomato sauce—really just a couple of teaspoons—the fudgy taste of the peanut butter doesn't come through, only a pleasant saltiness. Rich peanut butter also cuts some of the acidity of the tomatoes so that you can truly appreciate the flavor!

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