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What food banks really need you to donate this fall


Want to help feed those in need but don't know what to donate? Here's what food banks are in need of this fall.

Time to donate

When natural disasters strike, it's essential for food banks to be well-stocked in order to meet the demand of displaced persons. Not to mention, they need to feed people that are permanently homeless or under the poverty line. With cold weather on its way, sufficient food stock is essential to their cause. You can never give too much, but you can miss the mark in terms of what food banks actually need. Here are 18 foods you should really be donating this fall.

Note: prices are approximate and mostly off-brand. 

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...single people who have to use the food bank usually don't see any of the good food this story suggests... quite often its expired, over-processed garbage... the paid staff of the food bank get first pick of everything that comes in... so, just give a bag of the story's suggested donation to someone in need... instead of feeding the paid staff at the food bank...

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