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66 Pounds LOST In 8 Weeks? Here's Why Doctors DON'T Recommend What This Fit Couple Did...


66 Pounds Lost In 8 Weeks? Here's Why Doctors Don't Recommend What This Fit Couple Did...

Sharny and Julius Kieser are self-proclaimed fitness experts and a power duo. Authors of "Never Diet Again," which featured a program designed by the couple to help people lose weight with a step-by-step approach, the couple became successful personal coaches.

They continued publishing more health and fitness books and have since launched an online fitness and nutrition program, in addition to taking on clients for one-on-one coaching around the world.

Recently, the Kiesers have undergone a striking transformation, having gained 60 pounds collectively on purpose, then losing 66 pounds in 8 weeks. Their aim was to show that the healthy and fitness program they've designed does actually work. 

Doctors on the other hand aren't so convinced. Not necessarily in terms of the method (eating healthy and working out) but in the idea that letting your weight frequently yo-yo is simply not good for you. The older you get, the more your metabolism is impacted, and this kind of program encourages losing extreme amounts of weight in an unreasonable time period. Not to mention, you gotta keep it up even once you've reached your goal weight. 

You could probably get away with doing this drastic of a transformation once or twice, but after that, you should aim for slow and steady weight loss (after weight gain from a third baby, for example). Your body will thank you for it.

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