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Is Being An INDOOR CAT Bad For Your Feline?


Most house cats today spend the majority or all of their time indoors. Is this unhealthy, or is it the better option for felines today?

The life of a domestic cat today usually takes place within our cozy little homes. They might spend time soaking up the sun through the window or watch the birds, squirrels, and people behind glass... But they probably don't actually spend much time outdoors.

This is a fairly recent style of life for them. So is it unhealthy?

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Cats

Cats being outdoors is definitely not unnatural. Even humans only recently have shifted to such an indoor-focused style of life!

However, most cat owners today choose to keep their pets indoors, and there's usually a very good reason for this: it's simply not safe outside.

We worry about them wandering away, getting into trouble with other animals, or even walking into the street and getting hurt by a car or bike. And our concerns aren't unjustified.


The Dangers of Cats Outdoors

The average life span of an indoor cat is somewhere between 12 and 18 years, sometimes even a bit longer. For outdoor cats, though, it's very likely that they will only live to see 5 or 6 years old.

This could be due to diseases, as roaming cats are much more likely to pick up any number of viruses or illnesses and owners are less likely to notice right away. Cats can also be hit by cars or bikes, or attacked by other animals.

Wherever you may live, there will be dangers lurking outside for your cat.

So What Should We Do?

While the choice is yours, most vets and specialists recommend that we keep our cats indoors. There are still definite health concerns to watch out for with this: sedentariness and obesity are two of the main ones.

However, you can protect your cats from these by simply providing them with plenty of things to do inside. A variety of toys, scratching posts, and jungle gyms are all fun for them and keep them moving and exercising every day!

A Safe Way To Take Your Indoor Cat Outside?

If you're happy to keep your cat indoors but still want them to experience nature, a great option is to use a cat harness and leash. While some felines may not be keen on the idea, others don't mind being put in a harness to go for walks and will relish the opportunity to get outside and explore.

After all, cats are curious creatures. And there's so much to see, hear, smell, and do outside!

Keeping them safely on a leash and by your side is a perfectly safe and simple way to give your cat some exposure to the great outdoors.

Does your cat like to spend time outside? Let us know in the comments!

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