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The Way Katherine Heigl Is Losing Weight Post-Pregnancy Will Shock You


She revealed on her blog how she is losing weight after giving birth, and her method is very unlike most other celebrity's...

Une publication partagée par Katherine Heigl (@katherineheigl) le

Katherine Heigl, mother of two adopted children already, gave birth recently to her first biological child.

This is normally the time in Hollywood when the pressure ensues. Tabloids, publicity, and social media start reporting on the new mom's weight loss progress, and all the crazy diet and fitness rumors start flying around.

But Katherine took to her blog recently to talk about her own personal approach to losing her post-baby weight.

And it's not at all what people expected!

Hey I totally forgot to mention there's a new post up on the blog (link in bio) that covers my postpartum weight loss journey. It's actually pretty relevant for anyone looking to shed some pounds post pregnancy or not. Check it out for the before and after pics and my best weight loss advice. Hint, it has nothing to do with calories or cardio! #thoseheavenlydays

Une publication partagée par Katherine Heigl (@katherineheigl) le

"We’ve all heard about the gals who tone up and get right back into their skinny jeans weeks after their babies birth but this was not me, nor was I trying for it to be," she reveals.

She goes on to denounce the stressful and demanding diets that many celebs adhere to and advocate:

"The years of deprivation, counting every single calorie, completely eliminating major food groups and setting unreasonable weight goals are over. None of those things ever really worked for me and only fostered an unhealthy, resentful relationship with my body, an attitude that I do not want to pass on to my daughters."

In her post, she explains that instead of extreme regimes, she's been focusing instead on low-calorie and wholesome meals.

She has also chosen a fitness routine that works for her: not intense cardio or weight lifting like some women enjoy, but instead exercises that suit her, such as yoga and hiking.

Long story short? She's following her body's lead and choosing a method that's both physically and emotionally healthy for her. And her results, as you can see in her glowing Instagram pictures, have been nothing but incredible!

"It was the most natural and healthy thing in the world to put on weight during my pregnancy and allowing my body to shed it slowly, gracefully and healthfully feels…good."

Way to go, Katherine!

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