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How To Use Mayonnaise to Remove White Water Rings


You forget to slip a coaster under your glass, and before you know it the moisture has left a horrible mark on your table... But don't worry! All you need to fix it is a jar of mayo.

We've all been there before: we had guests over and forgot to remind them to use coasters, or maybe we were just tired one evening and forgot ourselves. No matter how it happened, the results are the same:

Our wood table is left with a great, big, horrible ring on its surface.

But wait! Before you mourn the loss of your once-pristine table, did you know there's a quick trick that will get rid of those white water stains?

And all you need is mayonnaise!

White Vs. Black Rings

The first thing to note before you try this trick is that there are two different kinds of stains: white rings and black rings.

In the case of white rings, the moisture from the glass's condensation has gotten trapped within the finish of the wood. If it's a black ring, on the other hand, the moisture has made it through the finish and down into the wood itself.

Black rings are not as easy to get rid of. But if it's a white ring you're facing, this trick can save your table and make it look as good as new again.

And seeing as how this trick is used by furniture restorers and antique specialists alike, it's safe to say that it gets our stamp of approval!

The Method

Wrap a cloth tightly around your finger, then dip it into a bit of mayonnaise. Any kind of regular supermarket mayo, such as Hellmann's, will work.

Rub the mayo into the ring gently, then leave it for a few hours or overnight. Wipe it away the next morning and you'll find the water stain has disappeared!

If you find traces of the stain have stuck around, try reapplying a bit more mayo every couple of hours so that the spot never dries out. After doing this a few times, even the most stubborn of stains will fade away.

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