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Prosecco Might Be Destroying Your Teeth: Here's Why...


Beware, Prosecco drinkers: studies are showing that it could be surprisingly harmful for your teeth.

If you're one of those people who always opts for Prosecco as your bubbly of choice, you might want to reconsider. It turns out that it can be extremely damaging to your teeth.

In the past few years, this cheaper Italian alternative to champagne has led the trend toward more and more consumption of sparkling wines and is even promising to be unchallenged in this lead as far into the future as 2020.

However, dental professionals have discovered some bad news due to this trend: Prosecco is becoming more and more the culprit behind increasing tooth erosion and decay.

Similarly to soda and other carbonated beverages, fizzy wines pose a threat to your teeth due to their high levels of acidity, which can degrade the enamel on your teeth as well as the dentine underneath that.

Even more, Prosecco poses a particular threat because of its sweetness. According to dentist Dr. Richard Coates, "Prosecco is the double whammy – the acidity causes erosion but because it’s so sweet, it also contributes to tooth decay."

Because other sparkling wines, such as champagne itself, are not as sweet, they pose much less of this risk. However, as their popularity wanes in favor of this cheaper, sweeter alternative, dentists are starting to notice the difference.

So how do you prevent tooth damage while still being able to enjoy your favorite bubbly? Dr. Coates recommends that you simply limit your consumption by not drinking more than one or two glasses at any given occasion.

He also notes that "people should wait a few hours before brushing their teeth if they’ve been drinking Prosecco or other fizzy drinks, to give the enamel time to harden up again.”

So, what is your favorite sparkling wine? Let us know in the comments!

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