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Here's The Real Reason Why You Gain Weight As You Age

Hint: it's got nothing to do with what you're eating.

You've probably noticed that once you're past your 20s, your body isn't as forgiving as it once was: putting on weight gets a whole lot easier, and losing weight gets a whole lot harder.

So why does this happen?

The most commonly-proffered reason is that after 30, our metabolism plummets (in fact, the rate at which our metabolism slows is minimal). But the real reason why you're likely to gain has nothing to do with what you're eating.

What middle aged weight gain boils down to... is muscle loss. According to Dr. Caroline Apovian, the Director of the Nutrition and Weight Management Center at the Boston Medical Center, "The amount of lean muscle mass we have is the primary determinant of metabolic rate. In other words, the more muscle mass we have, the more calories we will burn. Our muscle mass naturally begins to decline around age 30, and that process, called sarcopenia, accelerates around age 40."

On the bright side, age-related muscle loss is preventable. Dr. Apovian recommends weight training twice a week (to build new lean muscle), eating foods rich in lean protein, and getting plenty of sleep. 


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