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The Intermittent Diet that Jessica Alba Adheres To (And Why It Works!)


More and more Hollywood stars have endorsed this new dieting concept, which isn't at all leaJessica ALba!!st, not always! Here's how it works.

Une publication partagée par Jessica Alba (@jessicaalba) le

Ever wondered how Jessica Alba maintains her slim figure and healthy lifestyle? It turns out that she follows a very specific type of food regime – and she isn't the only one! This new dieting concept has been praised by many of Hollywood's favorites, including  Molly Sims and Chelsea Handler.

The diet, called the "Fab Four" uses the relatively new technique of "intermittent fasting", which comes as a breath of fresh air in the dieting world because it eliminates so many of the anxieties and stress that a diet normally brings with it.

Developed by nutritionist Kelly LeVeque, the diet uses food to re-balance hormones so you don't feel constantly hungry and don't destabilize your blood sugar levels.

Une publication partagée par Jessica Alba (@jessicaalba) le

How exactly does this work? It's all based on healthy balances of protein, fat, fiber, and vegetables. At a meal, you consume proper amounts of these food groups to deactivate hunger hormones and give your body a complete meal, with all the essential nutrients.

These meals are split up by fasting. All in all, you don't really change what you eat that much; the biggest change is when you eat it. This alters the way your body processes what you eat, resulting in a healthier relationship with food that you don't get from stressful, restrictive, calorie-counting diets.

For more information about the Fab Four, check out Kelly LeVeque on Instagram.

So what do you think? Would you try an intermittent fasting diet?

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