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This Nutritionist Shared Her "Secret Weapon" To Less Bloating and Perfect Skin


These are the two things she recommends you eat.

We all know that eating too much of certain foods can cause uncomfortable bloating as well as breakouts and patchy skin. But one thing we often don't focus enough on is what we aren't getting enough of.

Namely, fruits and vegetables.

In an interview with Women's Health, nutritionist Lisa Defazio revealed her "eating secret" that has helped her stay in shape and healthy since her teen years: soups and smoothies.

"In one smoothie, you can get two servings of fruit and three of veggies without feeling like you’re eating spinach," Lisa says. They're also loaded with vitamins, minerals, protein, and antioxidants, all of which will boost your energy and your mood.

Packing in your needed servings of fruits and veggies will also help regulate your digestive system, meaning less bloating and stomachaches caused by indigestion. The liquid content and nourishing ingredients will also keep your skin glowing and clear.

Not to mention, both soups and smoothies take little to no effort to make. You can easily throw them together when you aren't in the mood or simply don't have time to cook something, and their energizing effect will help de-stress you if you're in a hurry.

Lisa says she has a smoothie 5-6 times a week. For soups, she will often make a large quantity and freeze it, then enjoy a helping two or more times a week throughout the next month or so.

"Having a smoothie is always a great way to reset my diet and manage my weight by keeping my weekly calories balanced," Lisa says.

"I consider them my healthy secret weapon."

Ready to work more of these into your diet? Get started with these healthy soups you can make in just 30 minutes and these bright, delicious, and ultra-healthy smoothies.

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