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Here Are The Healthiest Things To Order At These Top Fast Food Chains


This nutritionist revealed her recommended choices at restaurants like McDonald's, KFC, and Chipotle.

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We all know that fast food is not great for our bodies and is often loaded with unhealthy fats and sugars. However, if you're trying to cut back, that doesn't mean you have to stay away from those guilty pleasures entirely.

It's all in which foods you choose to indulge in. Not everything on the menu is as diet-busting as the rest!

In a special on the TODAY show, nutritionist Keri Glassman revealed which menu items she recommends for those looking to minimize the splurge.


Grilled Chicken Wrap: Forget the sugar-packed salads on the menu and opt for this shockingly healthier pick. This wrap has fewer carbs than many of the other sandwiches and burgers on the menu, plus 20 grams of protein packed into the grilled chicken!


Bacon Ranch Grilled Chicken Salad: Tons of protein, minimal calories, and plenty of greens to boot. This salad might not be health food, but it's a much better option than a belt-busting Big Mac – and you don't even have to cut out the bacon!


Grilled Chicken Nuggets: When faced with the choice between crispy and grilled, always always go grilled! You can also add the Superfood Side salad if you want to add a little green to your meal (which we always recommend!).


Kentucky Grilled Chicken Breast with Green Beans: Once again, skip the crispy chicken and opt for grilled instead. And don't lose your resolve when it comes to the sides! Instead of mashed potatoes or mac-and-cheese that you're just going to regret, order a side of green beans to complement your meal.

Burger King

Original Whopper Jr. (no mayo): You'd be surprised how much fat, sugar, and calories you can knock off just by asking for less sauce. You can still satisfy your burger cravings without completely breaking your diet if you order the Junior version of the classic Whopper, but hold the mayo.


Salad Bowl with Lettuce, Chicken, Black Beans, Vegetables, and Salsa: This option gives you some veggies, protein, minimal fat and calories, and plenty of flavor! Just make sure you avoid the temptation of adding on toppings like cheese and sour cream: they may not cost extra on your bill, but they will on your waistline.

Taco Bell

Two Fresco Grilled Steak Soft Tacos: The introduction of their Fresco products made a healthy Taco Bell run just that much easier. Ordering a menu item "Fresco-style" means they will automatically hold the cheese and sour cream and replace it with pico de gallo, a mild tomato salsa that is far better for you than the alternatives. Plus, it's delicious!


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