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Fast 5: Tasty and Nutritious Recipes to Kick-Start Your January

The start of the new year is the perfect time to give your diet and kitchen routine a shake up!  Get started with these healthy recipes... 

Zesty Salmon Cakes

© Paleo Gluten Free Eats

These tasty salmon cakes only take 20 minutes to put together, and can be served either inside a burger, or along with grilled asparagus and a fresh tzatziki sauce. This recipe suits those following the Whole 30, gluten free and paleo diets. 

Rosemary Chicken Soup

© Kit's Coastal

You can't see them, but this chicken and tomato soup is filled with winter vegetables like celery, onion and carrot. Nutritious and warming, it just went to the top of our list! 

Sweet Potato and Gouda Quesadillas

© Simply Seasonal

With this recipe you can satisfy your cheesy quesadilla craving AND get a big serve of vegetables at the same time! The combination of sweet potato, Gouda cheese and a thick balsamic reduction makes this one totally moreish recipe.

Easy Ratatouille

© A Clean Bake

Our love for ratatouille really knows no bounds: it's one of the most delicious, hearty, warming and easy winter sides imaginable. Plus, it's French so that makes it extra fun. If you've never made this layered vegetable dish before, here's your chance.

Spinach and White Bean Soup

© Damn Delicious

The fresh, green spinach leaves in this winter soup are exactly what we are craving after a month of (we admit it) overindulging. The orzo and beans make this one hearty dish, and it's also very easy to make - one pot and about 30 minutes is all you need! 

Have you hit the ground running this January? Here are 5 super quick and easy dinner recipes to get you through the week.

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