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5 Situations When A Thong Is A Bad Idea



It's safe to say that the thong already had its day. In the 1990s up until the early 2000s, it seemed like everyone was wearing them. With today's fashion favoring higher waists and looser fits, the thong craze has fizzled out. However, there are still thousands of women who don't shy away from this sexy underwear — can we blame them? If you're one of these brave souls, here are a few things you should know about when and when not to wear thongs.


When you're wearing a short skirt

Unless you want to risk mooning everyone who's standing behind you, this one is pretty self explanatory. You'll also want full coverage for when you sit down (for sanitary reasons).

If you're prone to UTI's

Your lady parts need to breathe but bacteria can get trapped in — especially when you wear a thong. If you often get urinary tract infections, you might want to save yourself a trip to the doctor and leave the thong in the drawer.

When it's your time of the month

Having your period is hard enough. When Aunt Flo is visiting, it's best not to wear a thong. Bacteria can build up in the thong and be harmful to your vaginal health (especially if you don't change your pad or tampon often enough).


If you feel sick

When you're battling a cold or other illnesses, your body has to work hard to make sure you get better. Thongs might increase your chance of infection, which can hit you hard if your immune system is already compromised.

When you're trying on a bathing suit

Although thongs might help us picture what we'd look like in a swimsuit, they're not a good idea to wear in the dressing room. You never know how many people tried it on before you, and thongs simply don't provide enough coverage to be considered sanitary.


Those are five situations when thongs might not be the best panty choice for you. But on a regular day when you're healthy and period-free, who's to say that you can't wear a thong? You should wear what makes you happy, comfortable, and yes, sexy (even if that means wearing granny panties).


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