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6 Common Cooking Mishaps and How to Fix Them


Oversalted? Undercooked? Too spicy? We all have these cooking mishaps from time to time, but that doesn't mean you should throw the food out right away. Here are 6 common accidents that can be fixed! 

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Over-Salted Soup

Got a little too heavy-handed with the salt shaker? Don't despair. If you're working with a soup, you can add more cold water to the dish to help dilute the excess salt. Another solution would be to add more main ingredients or even double the recipe, which will distribute the salt more evenly. It might take longer to cook, but it's better than wasting food. You can also cut saltiness by adding extra fat, such as milk or cream. If your recipe isn't meant to be creamy, try adding sugar or lemon juice, both of which will help distract your taste buds from the saltiness and balance the flavors. 

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