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12 of the World's Most Indulgent, Comforting Foods


We're not the only ones who enjoy eating rich, caloric foods from time to time. Take a tour around the world's most indulgent foods.

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Hong Shao Rou - China

If you've never tried hong shao rou, you could almost consider yourself lucky because it's dangerously delicious. It's a famous Shanghai-style dish of braised pork belly that's cooked until the fat and skin become ultra soft and gelatinous. The sauce recipe may vary, but typically you'll find it with a mixture of garlic, ginger, spices, light and dark soy sauce, rice wine, sugar, star anise and chili peppers. The results are a sticky, sweet concoction of melt-in-your-mouth goodness. That being said, it's a high-fat, sugary dish that should be consumed in moderation.

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