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"Sick as a Dog" Herbal Tea


For colds, sore throats, and everything that ails you- this is the perfect feel-better tea.

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  • myrrh
  • dried maypop
  • dried chamomile blossoms
  • fresh aloe leaf
  • fresh parsley
  • honey to taste


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Step 1

Select a medium sized piece of myrrh. "There's more than one way to skin a cat," and so is true for smashing myrrh. You can use an herb grinder (though it will leave behind a residue), or put the myrrh in a baggie, wrap it in a towel, and take a hammer to it. Just make it as fine of a powder as you can, however you like. Myrrh will help ease a sore throat and is also an antiseptic for tonsils, gums, etc.

Step 2

Grind up the chamomile and maypop (passion flower). You can use the maypop vine or flowers with pistils removed. Add to a tea bag or tea ball with the myrrh. Maypop and chamomile will help you sleep and relax.

Step 3

Cut a "leaf" from your aloe plant. Peel off the green skin, boil the "meat" in a pot with enough water to make 2 cups of tea. The aloe will help sore throats.

Step 4

Once the aloe has boiled, turn the burner down and add a handful of parsley, leafy side down. Don't boil the parsley, though, else it will lose the good stuff. Parsley will help your immune system because it has a lot of Vitamin C.

Step 5

Strain out parsley and aloe. Add your tea bag with the myrrh, maypop, and chamomile. Steep with the burner on low-ish for a bit longer than you would normally steep a tea bag.

Step 6

Serve hot and add honey to taste. Enjoy, relax, and feel better!

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