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All About Blueberries


Blueberries are another famous super food, touted for their high levels of antioxidants! Anthocyanin, the reason for their dark purple color, helps prevent various cancers by destroying free radicals (harmful molecules created during your body’s basic metabolic process that can damage your healthy tissues). These antioxidants can also fight off UTI’s and other bacterial infections, help improve memory, and decrease your risk for heart attack.


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In Season
Blueberries are available year round, as they are in season between April through October in North America, and are imported from South American between November and March. However, for fresh and local blueberries, the peak time to buy is between June and August

How to Pick Them
Look for berries that are blue, slightly shiny, plump, and smell tantalizingly good! Avoid any berries that look soft, squished, or moldy.

How to Store Them
Put them immediately in the refrigerator (not in the vegetable drawer) when you get home to allow them to firm up before you wash them. This makes them more immune to damage while they are being handled. Only rinse them right before you eat them, as they will mold faster if they are sitting in water in the fridge. Don’t soak them either; rinse and store in the colander.

How to Prepare Them
Like all fruit and vegetables, the fresher the better! You can blend them into a smoothie or toss a handful into yogurt or cereal. They also add a yummy kick to salads and sauces. For the cooked route, you can heat them slowly in a sauce pan to make your own blueberry sauce, or bake them into muffins, pancakes, scones, etc…

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