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8 dining out don'ts


When we go out to eat, we all have certain expectations for the food and service. But we often forget the experience is a two-way street: restaurant staff also has the right to expect certain behaviors and manners from us. 

To ensure a dining experience that will please everyone, here are 8 things not to do when dining out.

Don't abuse online reservation services

Restaurant reservation websites are extremely convenient and easy to use. However, it's important not to abuse them. For example, avoid making constant changes to your reservation time, as this can cause a headache for restaurant managers who will have a difficult time knowing when they actually need to reserve your table.

Another no-no: If the website informs you that a party of 10 cannot be accommodated in the chosen restaurant, do not reserve a table for 6 telling yourself "Oh, we'll just squeeze together." It will be uncomfortable for everyone because not only are you forcing the servers to weave in and out of all these extra people, but also you risk putting a damper on the evening by making the group feel overcrowded and awkward.

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